Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Power Of Girlfriends!

The Power of Girlfriends!

By Coach Jane Schnurr

Hey Girlfriend! If we could get together and have a cup of tea or a glass of wine, what would you share? How are things in your world? It is amazing how talking to a good friend can soothe the soul and help us find solace in the middle of a storm.

Ah the power of girlfriends. I know for me, I feel blessed with the wonderful women that are in my life. We may not always agree on everything but we are always there for each other. Through the years we have supported each other through many changes, new husbands, different career paths and businesses, kid challenges, health issues, moments of joy and times of sorrow and pain.

Ah the blessings of love and friendship. Life was not always like this for me. There was a period in my life when I was “too busy” to cultivate and grow any friendships. It didn’t help that my husband at the time discouraged me from having any friends. Friendship and support was what I craved and needed the most.

I was in the Super-Mom and Super-Woman phase of my life. What seemed important to me at the time has faded into oblivion. Did I learn from this time? Yes for sure I did but the lessons were not easily retained. I have learned that life is all about balance. You see that business that I thought was so important at the time has since passed from my life.

These days I work as a Life Coach and share with others some of the wisdom that I have come to know. This fall I will be traveling along with one of my best girl friends Darlene Christianson, to Tuscany Italy for the Dare Dream Discover Tour. We put together this tour for women only. Darlene and her husband Tom have a tour company and are the experts at providing the trip of a lifetime

We designed this tour to empower women. This is your opportunity to make some new friends and have the time of your life. If you feel some discontent in your life, are in the middle of change or ready for more in your life, check it out. I will be coaching the participants before we travel, we’ll have some workshops while away and of course tons of fun!!! The itinerary is action packed.

Every January, I set a personal theme for my intention for the year to come. This year I decided to live my life as a daring adventure. I hope you will join me on this daring adventure we put together for you.

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